Town of Richford NY Code Officer:  Kevin McMahon

Building Code Office, hours are 8 a.m. to Noon Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Office Hours Posted may change without notice or prior posting on the website,  Please call the office phone number (607-539-6700 ) to check current hours and if the Code Enforcement Officers available or to set up an appointment.


  • Kevin McMahon
  • Phone:--------------607-539-6700
  • Cell #----------------607-745-0004   
  • Fax:------------------607-539-6400
  • E-Mail :
  • Office:  2670 Slaterville Road [PO Box 136], Slaterville Springs, NY. 14881

Code Enforcement Forms

Application, Page 1

Application, Page 2

Application, Page 3

Application, Worker Comp Exemption Form

Application, Page 5

How to get a House Number (911 Address) for a new residence or business.

Contact: Chris Engst


Chris will need to know:

  • Name of the road. 
  • Name of intersecting roads both sides of your location.
  • Current house numbers both sides of your location.
  • Which side of the road the new address will be on (north, east, south or west).

Note: Contact the Post Office at 607-657-2755 for information on rural delivery mail box placement and standards.