Town of Richford NY Dog Licensing Help Page.

Below are you can download copies of the Town of Richford NY dog license  application and a copy of  Local Law 1 of 2010, Licensing and Control of Dogs in the Town of Richford.

If you have excel, you can downloaded this form and saved it to your desktop.  The main text is locked so it can't be altered but users are allowed to fill in the required text (yellow highlighted cells).  Dollar amounts  can be entered and it will auto total for you.  If you have multiple dogs at the same address, you can simply complete one form, "save" for that dog, then change the required information for the next dog ( "save as") for that dog and print each form for sumbital to the Town Clerk.

Completed Forms can be dropped off at the Town Clerks office at 7 Bowery Lane, Richford, NY or mailed to Town of Richford,   P.O. Box 80, Richford, NY 13835. 

Make sure you have included the following:

  • A Completed License Applcation Form for Each Dog (forms also available at clerks office).
  • A Copy of Current Rabies Vaccination Certificate*.
  • If your dog has been spade or neutered, a copy of proof from your veterinarian**.
  • A check or money order for the total amount for your dog(s) annual licensing fee and any late fee's and additional charges that apply.  Please make checks or money orders payable to Town of Richford.



*At the time of licensing or renewal of an existing license, the owner must submit a copy of a current Certificate of Rabies Vaccination, or a statement certified by a licensed veterinarian showing that the dogs rabies vaccination is current.  
** Proof from a licensed veterinarian of spay or neutering  must be submitted with each dogs application for a spay or neuter license.  

Dog License