"NEW" Electronic Recycling For Tioga County Residents.

Attendant: Doug Wandell
Assistant:  John Harbst
   The Town of Richford has a unique and cost efficient method of collecting it's residents solid waste.              

   At the scheduled times, Residents can take their trash to a waiting garbage truck, parked at the north end of the Highway Garage, have an attendant weight it, pay the per pound fee and then place the garbage in the compactor.
   This service is for Town of Richford Residents and is available on Wednesdays from  4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Winter Hours, 3:30- 7:00 p.m.) and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This method of handling the residents solid waste has worked very well for many years. 
   Never attempt to leave trash/solid waste when an attendant is not on duty.   Doing so is considered littering and is controlled legally as such.
   Residents do have the option of choosing to have their trash/solid waste picked up by a private hauler, but they are responsible for contracting any private pick-up of solid waste.

   In Tioga County, it is a mandatory to recycle. Click on the link below to the Tioga County Solid Waste Transfer Station for further jnformation on recycling.
   Residents can also take large items or quantities, that exceed Richfords limitations, and other disposable items to the Tioga County Transfer Station in Barton or Taylors in Owego. 


We have been getting calls from various people with questions concerning your recycling pickup. Tioga County recycling program has changed as of 2/1/2013. Because of market changes, there will no longer be any curbside pickup of plastic bags. Exception to the rule - it is ok to put shredded paper out into a plastic bag to contain the paper. Grocery bags may be returned to most stores, all other plastic bags should be placed in the trash. Many people are not aware that the only glass that is recyclable curbside is glass jars or glass bottles (clear, green or brown in color); all other glass goes into the trash. No Styrofoam or cardboard with Styrofoam attached to it. Remove Styrofoam before recycling the cardboard.

We have also received some complaints concerning our pickup service;

We strive to provide good service. We are now picking most all of our recycling in trucks that look like garbage trucks. Be assured that we are recycling all of the material picked up. You no longer have to sort your recycling material curbside. The new facility does all the sorting for you, so mix all your recycling together in one container now. If you have questions on what material can be recycled curbside go to http://tiogacountyny.com/programs-agencies/recycling/ to find a list.

Disposal of Scrap Metals

The Town of Richford provides an area for the disposal of Scrap metals. At the south end of the Town of Richford Highway Garage is an area provided for Richford Residents to dispose of any recyclable metals.
   Remember this area is for RECYLABLE SCRAP "METAL" ONLY. All garbage must be taken to the garbage truck on the north end of the building, at the regularly scheduled drop off times.
Disposal of solid waste/trash, hazardous waste and electronic waste in this area is prohibited and is controlled legally as such.  If you have any questions as to what is or isn't allowed to be disposed of in this area, speak to the attendent at the garbage compactor, or one of the highway crew.


"As of January 1, 2015, all New York State consumers (including households, businesses, private or public corporations, not for profit corporations and government entities, etc.) may no longer dispose of, or place for collection intended for disposal, electronic waste at a solid or hazardous waste management facility, landfill, or waste-to-energy facility in the state.

New York State law requires manufacturers to take responsibility for recycling the many types of electronic equipment they have produced (e.g. computers, computer peripherals, televisions, and small electronic equipment, etc.), by providing free and convenient acceptance programs for NYS consumers to properly reuse or recycle their waste electronic equipment. Consumers should visit the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation's website, for a full list of the types of electronic equipment covered by this law at http://www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/66845.html or how to dispose of at http://www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/66872.html and to learn how they may properly manage their electronic waste in a legal and environmentally responsible manner."